FM Logistic will manage Mattel’s logistics in Spain and Portugal

FM Logistic, international logistics operator, has begun to collaborate with Mattel, a renowned American toy company.

On October 24, 2023

From now on, FM Logistic assumes Mattel’s logistics management for Spain and Portugal, from its advanced logistics platform located in Illescas, Toledo.

To support this collaboration, FM Logistic has dedicated one of the modules of its logistics platform for this activity. The scope of distribution extends to the entire Iberian peninsula, in Spain and Portugal, and its islands.

The comprehensive services that FM Logistic offers to Mattel include: control of all the necessary documentation -prior to the arrival of the containers at the port-, connection with the different shipping companies of the port of Valencia for the transfer of documents, customs representation with the management of customs clearance, documentary and physical inspections, freight forwarding services, storage, order preparation, handling and unloading of trucks and containers.

Furthermore, “we will soon expand our collaboration with Mattel to offer copacking services, providing even more complete and personalised logistics solutions”, adds Elisa López, site manager of Mattel operations at FM Logistic Illescas.

An iconic company in the toy industry, Mattel has a portfolio that includes world-renowned brands such as Barbie, Hot Wheels, Mega, UNO, Matchbox, Polly Pocket, Masters, Little People, Imaginext and Mattel Games.

With a team of up to 60 people dedicated exclusively to Mattel’s operations, FM Logistic adapts dynamically to the different times of the year and the peaks of activity. This flexibility is key to support a company, whose business has such a pronounced seasonality, achieve its objectives.

During the current period of Christmas campaign preparation, activity multiplies exponentially. “We are committed to ensuring that Mattel products reach their destinations at the right time and in perfect condition, so that all customers can enjoy their favourite toys,” said Elisa López.

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