The world is at a junction. That's why we strive every day to collectively improve the supply chain for greener and more responsible consumption.

We contribute to the development of a sustainable logistics network by cooperating with public and private partners. We are convinced of the benefits of sustainable logistics. We believe that together we can make a difference.

Our 2023-2030 sustainability strategy

  • Healthy workplace:

    • Our Ambition: make sure everyone is able to work in a safe, sound, and fair environment. 
    • Our first target: Zero severe occupational injuries or fatalities


    Smart work: 

    • Our Ambition: Ensure everyone gets the right tools, organization and skills to perform.
    • Our first target: 90% of collaborators satisfied with their working environment.
  • Energy & climate: 

    • Our Ambition: Sobriety, efficiency and greener options for climate & durability.
    • Our first target:  Carbon neutrality of our operations (scope 1 & 2) in 2030.



    Other resources: 

    • Our Ambition: Reduce the consumption of materials and reuse our waste.
    • Our first target:  Zero virgin raw material.
  • Co-design with suppliers: 

    • Our Ambition: Activate sustainable ecosystems of subcontractors and suppliers.
    • Our first target: 1 key sustainability project per strategic category (including transport).


    Co-design with clients:

    • Our Ambition: Proactively offer our clients solutions for a more sustainable supply chain.
    • Our first target: 100% clients get proactively 1 Sustainability proposal per year.

Continued sustainable growth: Annual Report 2024

More convinced than ever that logistics is the link between industry and consumers, and buoyed by the solid performance recorded in 2023/24, FM Logistic focuses on operational excellence while relying on the three pillars of its sustainability strategy: acting for its employees (employee satisfaction rate at 90%), acting for the planet (warehouse GHG emissions halved in 2024), and acting with its partners (Net Promoter Score increase from 26 to 53).

Today, all decisions made aim to deploy omnichannel and sustainable supply chains that promote workplace well-being and encourage more responsible consumption. This year again, the commitment of the teams, energy-saving initiatives, and the trust of customers have been essential success factors, proving that the complementarity of actions is key to sustainability.

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Responsible Purchasing Charter

The Group Purchasing Department, in partnership with the Sustainable Development Department, presents its new Responsible Purchasing Charter, designed to strengthen ethical and sustainable business relationships as part of the ‘Supply Change‘ strategy.

The Group Purchasing Department, in collaboration with the Sustainable Development Department, has developed its new Responsible Purchasing Charter, which is presented here and fully aligned with the group’s “Supply Change” strategy.
This charter defines principles aimed at ensuring ethical and sustainable business relationships with suppliers of goods and services, as well as subcontractors, in compliance with laws and regulations. We are committed to fostering business relationships that address and mitigate risks and issues related to working conditions, the environment, business ethics, and human rights.
This charter is disseminated and implemented by the purchasing departments in each country.

Olivier Mansard, Purchasing Director Group

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Let’s Supply Change: discover our CSR report

In late 2021, FM Logistic unveiled its Powering 2030 plan aimed at meeting omnichannel and urban logistics challenges by sustainably transforming its supply chains and achieving carbon neutrality across all its facilities by 2030. 

One year down the line and its ambition to chart a sustainable trajectory is as strong as ever, with initiatives like purchasing and producing sustainable energy increasing across the group. 

True to its “Supply Change” signature, the group’s CSR report rounds up the progress achieved on its path to sustainable development based on three priorities: taking care of employees, changing the environmental impact of its business and co-constructing a sustainable supply chain.

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Impact report

We are committed to providing our stakeholders with accurate and reliable data on the impact of our activities on society and the environment.

At FM Logistic, we strongly believe in the importance of sustainable logistics. In 2018, we started an ambitious sustainability programme based on three pillars: taking care of our employees, changing the environmental footprint of our operations and co-designing a sustainable supply chain. This programme is the result of collective work, internally and externally. It is implemented in all countries where our group operates. Since 2019, FM Logistic reports on the main impacts of the company’s activity on the economy, society (jobs, health, education, …) and the environment (greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, …). This information is published in an interactive report that highlights the solutions we are implementing. We want to make a difference and take action for sustainable logistics and supply chain management.

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Our sustainable logistics ecosystem


    Alice is a European association of about 200 members (industries, researchers and institutions) whose objective is to encourage innovation towards zero emissions in logistics. FM Logistic is a member of the board of directors and leads the working group on urban logistics.

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  • Global Compact

    FM Logistic has been a signatory to the UN Global Compact since 2018 and supports its 10 principles. Each year, we publish our Communication on Progress, available on the Global Compact website.

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  • GLEC

    The Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) was established in 2014. GLEC has grown into a voluntary partnership of over 150 companies, industry associations, programmes, experts and other organisations. GLEC's mission, as an industry-led partnership, is to drive emissions reductions and improve the efficiency of global logistics supply chains. FM Logistic has been a GLEC partner since 2019.

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  • C3D

    C3D is an association of more than 180 sustainability and CSR managers from companies and organisations of all sizes. FM Logistic has been a member of C3D since 2017 and coordinates the working group on sustainable logistics organisation and transport.<br />

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  • ECTA

    The European Clean Truck Association is a network for sustainable freight transport in Europe established in 2020. It brings together more than 20 companies and organisations from across Europe that call for zero-emission road freight. Members cover a wide range of experiences, including urban logistics, long-distance freight, consumer goods, manufacturing and supply chain management.

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  • EcoTransitWorld Initiatives

    EWI aims to continuously develop and harmonise the emissions calculation methodology for the global transport sector. The ETW tool is to be established as the globally recognised calculation tool. FM Logistic has been part of this initiative since 2019.<br />

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Find here our commitments in terms of health and safety; as well as the environment applicable in all countries.

Want to know more about FM Logistic?

  • Overview

    At FM Logistic, we are 27,500 people who firmly believe that supply chains have the power to create positive impacts for people and the planet. We implement our vision in 14 countries across Europe, Asia and Latin America.

  • Our Purpose

    Make responsible consumption possible for all.

  • Governance

    FM Logistic's governance meets international standards: independent Executive Committee and Board of Directors.


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